23 June 2018 – Jubilee years

Jubilee years

I need to research the idea of a Jubilee year.  My current understanding is that it occurs every 70 years, it’s an idea from the Bible and therefore an ancient practice.

Compare the idea of a Jubilee year and Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on the lifespan of laws and contracts.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador is an interesting candidate and I hope he wins the election.  His socialist/leftist/progressive ideas are worrisome but at least he’s something different.  He wants to Make Mexico Great Again.

Mexico is a different culture and a different country.  Its saviour will be different from America’s or England’s or Russia’s.  There will be different levels and kinds of religious elements.  There will be different levels and kinds of authoritarianism.

I’m not sure that populism is always bad.  When a small, elite group of people have seized control of all the levers of power and are manipulating them to their own end,  isn’t populism necessary and good?

Across the country, he would encourage construction projects that used hand tools rather than modern machinery, in order to boost the economy in rural communities

I think that is a great idea.  Modern machinery saves time and labor, but it’s not cheap.  Why not put people to work instead?  That gives them a steady income and something beneficial to do with their time.  It improves their standard of living and their quality of life at the same time.


What do politicians mean when they talk about “democracy”?  The opponents of AMLO keep talking about how his election would be a blow to the nascent “democracy” in Mexico and it  would set them back.  In 18 years (or whenever it was that PRI lost its stranglehold on the government) since “democracy” has come to Mexico things have gone from bad to worse.   And wasn’t this “democracy” the same one that was threatened every time things weren’t going PRI’s way?

“Democracy” is only brought out to bias and sway the conversation.  It’s not even a very good form of government.

How Many Fish In The Pond?

A fisherman casts his bait into the water and catches a fish.  How many fish are in the pond?  How big are the biggest fish?  What other types of bait are the fish willing to take?

I’m thinking about pizzagate and pedophiles and the dissonance in public opinion.  Why does everyone so readily and offhandedly dismiss pizzagate outright?  Why is it so hard to accept that there may actually be such dark things at the highest levels of authority and power?

Why is it that the average man is constantly under suspicion of being a pedophile?  No one questions a woman sitting on a park bench watching children in the playground but eyebrows are raised (at the least) if it’s a man sitting there.  And yet no one applies that same level of suspicion to the clergy or government officials.  People still implicitly trust them.

There was an uproar in the 1980’s because some children in preschool claimed they were victims of satanic abuse by their teachers.  And yet when there was a story in 1989 about a child prostitution ring with ties to the White House it fades into the night.  I remember seeing the headline and reading the article in the newspaper when it first came out, and it’s always bothered me that nothing came of it.

And what about that ring that was broken up a few years ago in… Brussels? Austria? Belgium?  I would swear that a few years ago I read about some sort of sex trafficking / pedophilia group getting broken up in the EU but I can’t find anything about it now.  I’ll link to it when I do find a reference to what I’m talking about.

Is Biden creepy?

I’m not sure now.  My gut response is yes.  The way he manhandled little girls is creepy.  But maybe I’m succumbing to the current bias against men.  Maybe he was just being “grandparently”?

6 June 2018


If you are a dog, the best legal status you can hope for is a police dog. In terms of liability they have almost none but value wise are treated no different than actual human cops in a lot of cases. For instance, if you decide to maul the face off the first person you see when you get out of the car and that person happens to be a “fellow officer” or innocent bystander you are given a “bad boy” and early retirement. However if you are in a situation with your handler and a guy with a knife and they release you to go attack him, the cops will kill this human as you run up to him because with knife in hand he is threatening another cop.

Also, if your human handler sends you to attack a person who naturally pummels the shit out of you, your handler can either use lethal force against him or if he doesn’t, can add additional charges for the suspect. Which of course is weird since we live in a culture that thinks it’s fine for the cops to empty a mag on ANY dog (regardless of size) that comes up to them.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Because I am an ordinary citizen, my dog is merely property and it’s only worth is its replacement value. However, if my dog was owned by a police department it would be given a status superior to the ordinary citizen. If one does something bad to a police dog, the State will come down on one like a hammer. It would be as if one had killed an actual police officer.

Either this is a nation of laws or it is a nation of men. I see a lot of ridicule of the sovcit movement in this subreddit and LA. Most of the sovcit’s are idiots looking for a reason to get away with being a douchebag. But there is some truth to their protest.

For example, if the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land then why is bringing it up in court considered contempt of court?

Either we’re free or we’re not. Government is created to protect the life, liberty and property of the individual citizens. At least, that’s the premise the US is based upon.