21 July 2018 – The Homeless

The Homeless

Wait, what?  That’s a woman?!  Ha ha ha ha ha Don’t do drugs, folks.

Seriously, though.  What, if anything, should be done about the homeless problem?  What should society do with people like the woman in the article?

She damaged someone’s property in order to steal from them and in the process callously killed a small dog.  If she were a bear she would have been shot by now.  Why is her life worth more than a disruptive bear’s?  Is it because she’s a human?  Is she?  What is a human?

You can no more say all people are humans than you can say all canines are wolves.  What makes a dog a dog and not a wolf is more than just its appearance.  It’s also its demeanor.  So if we’re going to be objective about it, then we should just people using the same metrics that we judge other species.

Why are people homeless?

  • mental illness
  • bad luck
  • choice
  • criminal history
  • drugs
  • ???