18 November 2018

‘Master race’ comment by Kansas county commissioner draws calls for his resignation

Here is the relevant section of the video.  It’s cringe-worthy but it isn’t racist and doesn’t cross the line to a fire-able offense.

I imagine his internal monologue went something like this: “I’m upset right now, I should let the lady know it’s not directed at her.  She did a good job.  Oh, no.  Maybe she’ll think I’m angry at her because I’m racist.  I better say something to let her know that I’m not a racist. <insert cringe>”

El Al diverts flight after religious passengers cause uproar over Shabbat scare

I’ve found that no matter what the religion, the more seriously the adherents take themselves the more likely they are to get violent.

I mean, for crying out loud.  What sort of god do they worship that they feel the need to get so freaked out about being on the plane when the sabbath starts?

Sometimes things happen that are entirely out of one’s control.  Then, things are in G-d’s hands.  If one’s god will punish one for the things that are in it’s hands then that god’s a bit psycho.

“No one wants to take away your guns,” says a progressive democrat I know.  Oh, really?