It’s a Trump Christmas

Obama 2013

  • a muppet is involved

Obama 2014

  • no muppets involved
  • black-centric
  • thanks the parks service

Obama 2015

  • a muppet is involved
  • all the kids gathered around are black (no wonder the blacks are upset and shouting “racism” at everything.  They’re no longer the center of attention.)
  • mentions Jesus Christ but then proceeds to relegate his teachings to the same as every other religion (camera cuts to a white woman looking somber)

Obama 2016

  • he talks about the parks service again

Trump 2017

Wait, what?  He didn’t say anything?  Maybe there’s more, but I can’t spend anymore time looking for a longer version.  I’ll update this section if I do.

Trump 2018

  • thanks the national parks service
  • mentions Christians as soon as he’s done with the generic thanks