The Young Turks

Sorry.  I just can’t take it.  A good friend of mine follows TYT and brings them up frequently so I thought I’d give them another chance.  I made it 3 minutes into this video before I couldn’t take the bullshit anymore.

0:52 there’s MSC right by Pence’s head. At 1:44 there is no MSC and there’s this swirling logo that wan’t in the earlier clip. These two sound bites were taken at different meetings, but the the tyt hosts act like they are from the same event.

And then tyt cuts to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment? So what’s their point? Everyone knows Jeb Bush is an idiot, and that event took place 5 years ago. Why not cut to a more recent clip of Nancy Pelosi’s “please clap” moment?

They make a valid point about Americans being easily lead with sloganeering, but that doesn’t mean the MAGA crowd is wrong.  Think about Europe, and the rest of the world, they say.  But when does Europe and the rest of the world think about America?  Why not put Americans first for a change?

Enough with the empire.  Re-ignite the republic.

Want to save the world?  Stop supporting globalization.  If it’s true that the 15 most active intercontinental ships are responsible for as much green house gasses as all the cars in the world then the best thing we can do for the environment is stop shipping so many things back and forth.