QAnon and Pizza

My dearest friend,

What are your thoughts on the QAnon phenomenon?  If it’s a larp it’s a damned good one.  …Too good, perhaps?  It’s so good that it potentially crosses the line into psyops territory, so we may as well throw out the idea that it’s a larp and conclude that it’s either some sort of psyops or it’s legitimate.

Take this video.  The accusations against a school remind me of a similar situation that happened back in the 80’s.  Do remember the national outrage when that school was accused of satanic abuse back then?  In the early 90’s a friend of mine said that it was all bullocks, that there were no satanic, pedophilic cults and that it was all just projection.  But I’m not too sure she was right.

It depends on how we view our leaders.  If one thinks that they are the best, brightest, shining examples of humanity then how could they participate in something as abominable as pedophilia?  But if one thinks that they are human like everyone else, and that some humans have psychopathic traits and seek power over others, and that positions of power tend to attract those who desire power,  why is it so far-fetched to think that many people in positions of authority are involved in nefarious business?

There’s more than enough “anecdotal” evidence to lead one  to conclude bad things are going on.  In no particular order:

  • spirit cooking — how many of your average Americans are into this sort of thing?  Why are these politicians considered representatives when their interests/proclivities are so divergent from the populace’s?
  • podesta and associates profile pictures — a toddler tied up with duct-tape? Paintings of children undergoing torture?
  • the franklin affair — that went nowhere fast.
  • the pedophile rings — busted in europe and include medium-level officials
  • gannongate — never mind the accusations of child abduction and pornography, just why was Gannon admitted to the White House at odd hours?

All the best,