21 July 2018 – The Homeless

The Homeless

Wait, what?  That’s a woman?!  Ha ha ha ha ha Don’t do drugs, folks.

Seriously, though.  What, if anything, should be done about the homeless problem?  What should society do with people like the woman in the article?

She damaged someone’s property in order to steal from them and in the process callously killed a small dog.  If she were a bear she would have been shot by now.  Why is her life worth more than a disruptive bear’s?  Is it because she’s a human?  Is she?  What is a human?

You can no more say all people are humans than you can say all canines are wolves.  What makes a dog a dog and not a wolf is more than just its appearance.  It’s also its demeanor.  So if we’re going to be objective about it, then we should just people using the same metrics that we judge other species.

Why are people homeless?

  • mental illness
  • bad luck
  • choice
  • criminal history
  • drugs
  • ???

6 June 2018


If you are a dog, the best legal status you can hope for is a police dog. In terms of liability they have almost none but value wise are treated no different than actual human cops in a lot of cases. For instance, if you decide to maul the face off the first person you see when you get out of the car and that person happens to be a “fellow officer” or innocent bystander you are given a “bad boy” and early retirement. However if you are in a situation with your handler and a guy with a knife and they release you to go attack him, the cops will kill this human as you run up to him because with knife in hand he is threatening another cop.

Also, if your human handler sends you to attack a person who naturally pummels the shit out of you, your handler can either use lethal force against him or if he doesn’t, can add additional charges for the suspect. Which of course is weird since we live in a culture that thinks it’s fine for the cops to empty a mag on ANY dog (regardless of size) that comes up to them.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Because I am an ordinary citizen, my dog is merely property and it’s only worth is its replacement value. However, if my dog was owned by a police department it would be given a status superior to the ordinary citizen. If one does something bad to a police dog, the State will come down on one like a hammer. It would be as if one had killed an actual police officer.

Either this is a nation of laws or it is a nation of men. I see a lot of ridicule of the sovcit movement in this subreddit and LA. Most of the sovcit’s are idiots looking for a reason to get away with being a douchebag. But there is some truth to their protest.

For example, if the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land then why is bringing it up in court considered contempt of court?

Either we’re free or we’re not. Government is created to protect the life, liberty and property of the individual citizens. At least, that’s the premise the US is based upon.

2018 May 26

Farmer accused of shooting murder blames gunfire on eggplant

I hope the farmer (Mr Russo) gets acquitted.  If the facts are correct, Mr Calandro deserved to get shot in the face.

Mutual friend Vince Vigliaturo told the court it “looked like (Mr Calandro) had splattered blood on his face.”

What does that even mean? That statement is completely out of context in the article. Was the blood splattered on Mr Calandro’s face the dog’s? His own?

Here’s the timeline according to the article:

  1. Mr Vigliaturo (a mutual friend) and Mr Calandro had arranged to go to Mr Russo’s farm in Tatura to pick up chillies.
  2. As Mr Calandro was driving out of Mr Russo’s property, he swerved towards Russo’s dog Harry, which was barking and running alongside his vehicle.  “David sort of swerved, and swerved away from the dog quickly,” Mr Vigliaturo said.
  3. Calandro ran the dog over.  He said “oops” then looked in the rear-view mirror and shrugged it off.  It was obvious that the dog was injured.
  4. Calandro and Vigliaturo went home.
  5. Russo called Vigliaturo 10 minutes after Vigliaturo and Calandro left Russo’s farm.
  6. Russo shot and killed Calandro.

I have some questions.

There are some details that have been left out so I have to fill in the cracks myself.  Who told Calandro that Russo wanted to talk to him?  Why did Calandro return to Russo’s farm?  Why did he bring his kids with him?

When all’s said and done…

Calandro deserved it.  He deliberately ran over a man’s dog while he was on that man’s property and then drove off.

But Australia is populated by a bunch of spineless cunts.  At least, that’s the impression I get from their judicial branch.  I expect that Russo will be sentenced to jail time and a crippling fine.

Such a shame.

2018 May 20

I’m watching the debate between  Stephen Fry, Jordan Peterson and Michael Dyson, Michelle Goldberg on political correctness.  I’m doing my best to be objective and listen to their argument but Dyson’s manner of talking bothers me.  I don’t like it.  The cadence is mesmerizing and his sentence structure and word choice seem purposed towards making himself sound intelligent while  confusing the audience.  He uses a lot of big words to sound important but say nothing.